Clearwater House on Hat Creek: Northern California's Premier Fly Fishing Lodge


Clearwater is a full-service fly fishing lodge, school, outfitter and guide service established in 1978 to provide you with quality fishing on northeastern California's five great wild trout rivers and spring-fed stillwaters. Clearwater House on Hat Creek is open from late April to mid-November with comfortable accommodations and superb meals. Clearwater's guides are without equal in their local knowledge, patience, and teaching abilities. Over the past 25 years, thousands of people have discovered the subtle pleasures of the sport through Clearwater's fly fishing schools.

Clearwater House Accommodations

Clearwater House is their quiet country inn on the banks of Hat Creek. It is located at the heart of California's finest wild trout waters. They cater exclusively to fly fishers. The famed slicks of Hat Creek flow right past their back door. Within a few minutes are the Fall River, the Pit River, the McCloud, and a number of lakes and smaller creeks.

Clearwater House was built at the turn of the century. It is a rambling stucco farmhouse which they have extensively remodeled. It has seven bedrooms, each with a private bath, and the intimate ambiance of a private home. Their staff keeps it spotless and running smoothly. Fly fishing prints decorate the walls and oriental rugs grace the polished fir floors. The library has a fine selection of books on trout and trout fishing. You'll find easy chairs in front of the fire and quiet corners for reading. The well-kept lawns and gardens offer shady spots for reading and relaxing among the flowers, with wonderful views of the surrounding mountains. Their tennis court is the scene of many a hotly-contested pick-up game. After a day astream, you can look forward to superb meals from a cook who understands that fishing builds hearty appetites. Dinners around their big cherry dining table offer the opportunity to recapture the day's experiences, to make friends, and to enjoy a well-told fishing story. Their guests say they serve the best meals in the area. Friends made at Clearwater House often become regular fishing companions.

They can arrange a private guide for you whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or accomplished angler. They keep a full selection of the season's best flies and the appropriate terminal tackle at the House. The shop also features premium rods, waders, and clothing. They provide these same top quality rods and waders and vests for their guests' use at a modest charge.

Clearwater House is located in Cassel, midway between Mt. Lassen and Mt. Shasta. Cassel is a five hour drive from San Francisco and one hour east of the Redding airport. They are open everyday during the general trout season, from late April to mid-November.

They are often asked the best time to come. They confess that they love every month. There is good fishing throughout the season on some of the trophy waters near the House. Call me to chat about your interests. For non-fishers, there are terrific hiking, driving, and bicycling tours in Lassen National Park, horseback riding, a pioneer history museum, excellent birding at the nearby wildlife refuges, a fine golf course in Fall River Mills, a tennis court at Clearwater, spectacular waterfalls, and the peace and quiet of the country.

Whenever you visit Clearwater House, they promise you a friendly welcoming staff, comfortable accommodations, and first-class meals and service. And the cookie jar is always full! You can choose from a variety of meal and accommodation arrangements, ranging from single nights to schools to all-inclusive stays including private guiding.

Private Groups at Clearwater House

Each year they are pleased to host private groups of anglers and aspiring anglers at Clearwater House. Company outings, family reunions, birthdays, medical, legal, and business meetings, simply entertaining clients: whatever your group or your agenda, they can arrange a memorable program for you. They can tailor the fly fishing instruction and private guiding to your group's interests and abilities - and to your budget. With their extensive selection of quality fly fishing gear available for the use of their guests, your group can be introduced to the pleasures of fly fishing at Clearwater House without having to buy any major tackle items.